Mini Workshops for Children and Adults

 Mosaic for Children and Adults


Create a pair of votive candles or a small vase. Learn how to use special tools for cutting glass and assembling your mosaic pieces into beautiful, colorful  patterns.  Invent your own design based on inspiration from mosaics around the world.  Great for gifts!


Session 1: Saturday, Dec 2, 9:30 - Noon


Ages 6+ (Ages 6 - 8 need to be accompanied by an adult)

Cost:  $55 per student (Adult/Child pair=$100)


GroutingSunday, Dec 3, 4 - 5 pm


Learn how to grout your project.  (If you prefer to have Sandy grout  the cost is $5/project.) 



Fused Glass for Children and Adults 


Learn skills in the art of Fused Glass, known as “Warm Glass.”  Develop confidence in cutting glass, handling glass in a safe manner, and using the grinder.  Design a colorful composition with cathedral, opaque and marbled  glass.  Embellish your design with stringers, and frit.


Session 2:  Beginners, Saturday, Dec 2, 2 - 4 pm


Tiles, Ornaments, Small Wall Art, Magnets

Ages 7+ (Ages 7 - 8 need to be accompanied by an adult)

Cost:  $55  (Adult/Child pair = $100)


Session 3:  Experienced Students, Sunday, Dec 3, Noon - 2:30 pm


Picture Frames, Clocks, Small Wall Art, Ornaments

Ages 9 - Adult

Cost:  $65 (Adult/Child pair = $120, Family of 3 = $175) 

$5 fee per person for Clock Parts


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